why should i trust you?

We will not be in business very long if we do not have satisfied customers.  Satisfied customers are repeat customers and that is the path to a successful business.

But we don’t need you to believe that.  We involve a lawyer or an escrow agent in every transaction.  In North Carolina, a lawyer is required in a land transaction.  That way a neutral and regulated third party is handling the money and the deed.

So while your trust is something we hope to earn- you can always be certain your money or land is transacted properly.

how quickly can a deal be done?

Usually a deal can be transacted, with money exchanged, title transferred and a deed filed- in 30 days.  Use of file scanning and email can potentially cut down on that time.

am i going to be happy with my decision?

We don’t want to talk anyone into doing something they don’t want to do.  That just causes a lot of headaches and wasted time for everyone.  If we can help you improve your life, then we will try to do so.

what are your Values?